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2013 Volume 64 Issue 1

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Slow Food for thought
Blaise Cronin

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Bias in peer review
Carole J. Lee | Cassidy R. Sugimoto | Guo Zhang | Blaise Cronin

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Relevance: An improved framework for explicating the notion
Xiaoli Huang | Dagobert Soergel

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Investors' information sharing and use in virtual communities
Lisa G. O'Connor

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Application of the task-technology fit model to structure and evaluate the adoption of E-books by Academics
John D'Ambra | Concepción S. Wilson | Shahriar Akter

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Applying a generic function-based topical relevance typology to structure clinical questions and answers
Xiaoli Huang

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Characteristics of Korean personal names
Sungwon Kim | Seongyun Cho

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How can journal impact factors be normalized across fields of science? An assessment in terms of percentile ranks and fractional counts
Loet Leydesdorff | Ping Zhou | Lutz Bornmann

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Four levels of outcomes of information-seeking: A mixed methods study in primary health care
Pierre Pluye | Roland M. Grad | Carol Repchinsky | Barbara Jovaisas | Janique Johnson-Lafleur | Marie-Eve Carrier | Vera Granikov | Barbara Farrell | Charo Rodríguez | Gillian Bartlett | Carmen G. Loiselle | France Légaré

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Theory of the topical coverage of multiple databases
Leo Egghe

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Peer review in a changing world: An international study measuring the attitudes of researchers
Adrian Mulligan | Louise Hall | Ellen Raphael

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Cross-campus collaboration: A scientometric and network case study of publication activity across two campuses of a single institution
Jeremy P. Birnholtz | Shion Guha | Geri Gay | Y. Connie Yuan | Caren Heller

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Adolescent search roles
Elizabeth Foss | Allison Druin | Jason C. Yip | Whitney Ford | Evan Golub | Hilary Browne Hutchinson

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Modeling geographic, temporal, and proximity contexts for improving geotemporal search
Mariam Daoud | Jimmy Xiangji Huang

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human information interaction: An ecological approach to information behavior by Raya Fidel. cambridge, ma: MIT press, 2012, 348 pp. $35.00 (isbn 978-0-262-01700-8)
Denise E. Agosto