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2013 Volume 64 Issue 10

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Extending SemRep to the public health domain
Graciela Rosemblat | Melissa P. Resnick | Ione Auston | Dongwook Shin | Charles Sneiderman | Marcelo Fiszman | Thomas C. Rindflesch

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Deriving query suggestions for site search
Udo Kruschwitz | Deirdre Lungley | M-Dyaa Albakour | Dawei Song

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Folder versus tag preference in personal information management
Ofer Bergman | Noa Gradovitch | Judit Bar-Ilan | Ruth Beyth-Marom

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Knowledge sharing and knowledge management system avoidance: The role of knowledge type and the social network in bypassing an organizational knowledge management system
Susan A. Brown | Alan R. Dennis | Diana L. Burley | Priscilla Arling

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On the assessment of expertise profiles
Richard Berendsen | Maarten de Rijke | Krisztian Balog | Toine Bogers | Antal van den Bosch

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Social tagging in the scholarly world
Chen Xu | Benjiang Ma | Xiaohong Chen | Feicheng Ma

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So fast so good: An analysis of answer quality and answer speed in community Question-answering sites
Alton Y. K. Chua | Snehasish Banerjee

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You scratch someone's back and we'll scratch yours: Collective reciprocity in social Q&A communities
Philip Fei Wu | Nikolaos Korfiatis

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Exploring methods to improve access to Music resources by aligning library Data with Linked Data: A report of methodologies and preliminary findings
Karen F. Gracy | Marcia Lei Zeng | Laurence Skirvin

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Aggregation of the web performance of internal university units as a method of quantitative analysis of a university system: The case of Spain
Enrique Orduña-Malea

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The effect of ad rank on the performance of keyword advertising campaigns
Bernard J. Jansen | Zhe Liu | Zach Simon

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Initialism disambiguation: Man versus machine
Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner | Ariel Kass | Ariel Peretz

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A novel approach for estimating the omitted-citation rate of bibliometric databases with an application to the field of bibliometrics
Fiorenzo Franceschini | Domenico A. Maisano | Luca Mastrogiacomo

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Visualizing the history of evidence-based medicine: A bibliometric analysis
Jiantong Shen | Leye Yao | Youping Li | Mike Clarke | Li Wang | Dan Li

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Tracing the origins of the semantic web
Raf Guns

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Issues of work-life balance among JASIST authors and editors
Guillaume Cabanac | James Hartley

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Against the resilience of rejected manuscripts
Nicolás Robinson-García | Emilio Delgado López-Cózar | Daniel Torres-Salinas | Juan Miguel Campanario