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2013 Volume 64 Issue 12

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The extraction of community structures from publication networks to support ethnographic observations of field differences in scientific communication
Theresa Velden | Carl Lagoze

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Characteristics of retracted open access biomedical literature: A bibliographic analysis
Gabriel M. Peterson

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Toward a model of collaborative information behavior in organizations
Arvind Karunakaran | Madhu C. Reddy | Patricia Ruma Spence

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Making sense of digital traces: An activity theory driven ontological approach
Stan Karanasios | Dhavalkumar Thakker | Lydia Lau | David K. Allen | Vania Dimitrova | Alistair Norman

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The intellectual characteristics of the information field: Heritage and substance
Ping Zhang | Jasy Suet Yan Liew | Katie DeVries Hassman

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Investigating religious information searching through analysis of a search engine log
Rita Wan-Chik | Paul D. Clough | Mark Sanderson

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Statistical common author networks
Francisco G. Serpa | Adam M. Graves | Artjay Javier

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A bibliometric mapping of the structure of STEM education using co-word analysis
Shimelis G. Assefa | Abebe Rorissa

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Is the world getting flatter? A new method for examining structural trends in the news
Elad Segev | Tamir Sheafer | Shaul R. Shenhav

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Investigating confidence displays for top-N recommendations
Guy Shani | Lior Rokach | Bracha Shapira | Sarit Hadash | Moran Tangi

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Demonstrating conceptual dynamics in an evolving text collection
Sándor Darányi | Peter Wittek

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Interactive overlays of journals and the measurement of interdisciplinarity on the basis of aggregated journal-journal citations
Loet Leydesdorff | Ismael Ràfols | Chaomei Chen

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No such thing as society? On the individuality of information behavior
David Bawden | Lyn Robinson

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Publication fees for open access journals: Different disciplines - different methods
Marcin Kozak | James Hartley

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Information Need: A Theory Connecting Information Search to Knowledge Formation - By Charles Cole
Nigel Ford

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Factual errors in the review of human information interaction
Raya Fidel

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Academic promotion and the h-index
Avin Pillay