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2013 Volume 64 Issue 5

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Self-plagiarism: An odious oxymoron
Blaise Cronin

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Studying PubMed usages in the field for complex problem solving: Implications for tool design
Barbara Mirel | Jennifer Steiner Tonks | Jean Song | Fan Meng | Weijian Xuan | Rafiqa Ameziane

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Image retrieval from scientific publications: Text and image content processing to separate multipanel figures
Emilia Apostolova | Daekeun You | Zhiyun Xue | Sameer K. Antani | Dina Demner-Fushman | George R. Thoma

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Situation normality and the shape of search: The effects of time delays and information presentation on search behavior
Nolan J. Taylor | Alan R. Dennis | Jeff W. Cummings

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Session analysis of people search within a professional social network
Ru He | Jiong Wang | Jin Tian | Cheng-Tao Chu | Bradley Mauney | Igor Perisic

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Measuring the value of health query translation: An analysis by user language proficiency
Carla Teixeira Lopes | Cristina Ribeiro

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Finding subject terms for classificatory metadata from user-generated social tags
Sue Yeon Syn | Michael B. Spring

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"Keep it secret, keep it safe": Information poverty, information norms, and stigma
Jessa Lingel | danah boyd

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Young people, child pornography, and subcultural norms on the Internet
Jeremy Prichard | Caroline Spiranovic | Paul A. Watters | Christopher Lueg

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The effects of perceived anonymity and anonymity states on conformity and groupthink in online communities: A Wikipedia study
Michail Tsikerdekis

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Are e-books replacing print books? tradition, serendipity, and opportunity in the adoption and use of e-books for historical research and teaching
Kim Martin | Anabel Quan-Haase

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Work and personal e-mail use by university employees: PIM practices across domain boundaries
Robert Capra | Julia Khanova | Sarah Ramdeen

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In their own image? a comparison of doctoral students' and faculty members' referencing behavior
Vincent Larivière | Cassidy R. Sugimoto | Pierrette Bergeron

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Determinants of research citation impact in nanoscience and nanotechnology
Fereshteh Didegah | Mike Thelwall

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Understanding the evolution of multiple scientific research domains using a content and network approach
Xuning Tang | Christopher C. Yang | Min Song

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Citation analysis with medical subject Headings (MeSH) using the Web of Knowledge: A new routine
Loet Leydesdorff | Tobias Opthof

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Introduction to information science - By David Bawden and Lyn Robinson
Elizabeth Aversa

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Quantity and impact through a single indicator
Peter Vinkler

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In memoriam
Abraham Bookstein