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2013 Volume 64 Issue 6

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Metrics à la mode
Blaise Cronin

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Information organization and the philosophy of history
Ryan Shaw

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What happens to computer science research after it is published? Tracking CS research lines
Jacques Wainer | Eduardo Valle

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Key factors in the transfer of information-related competencies between academic, workplace, and daily life contexts
Núria Ferran-Ferrer | Julià Minguillón | Mario Pérez-Montoro

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Effects of awareness on coordination in collaborative information seeking
Chirag Shah

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Exploring behavioral transfer from knowledge seeking to knowledge contributing: The mediating role of intrinsic motivation
Yalan Yan | Robert M. Davison

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Toward a layered model of context for health information searching: An analysis of consumer-generated questions
Yan Zhang

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Creativity for Feist
Julian Warner

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History on Wikipedia: In need of a NWICO (New World Information and Communication Order)? the case of Cambodia
Brendan Luyt

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TSDW: Two-stage word sense disambiguation using Wikipedia
Chenliang Li | Aixin Sun | Anwitaman Datta

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Assessing the accuracy of the h- and g-indexes for measuring researchers' productivity
Giovanni Abramo | Ciriaco Andrea D'Angelo | Fulvio Viel

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Interpreting the knowledge map of digital library research (1990-2010)
Son Hoang Nguyen | Gobinda Chowdhury

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Behavioral changes in transmuting multisession successive searches over the web
Shinjeng Lin | Iris Xie

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Predicting audience gender in online content-sharing social networks
Chunjing Xiao | Fan Zhou | Yue Wu

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Inconsistencies in the highly cited publications indicator
Michael Schreiber

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Digital rights movement: The role of technology in subverting digital copyright - By hector Postigo
Tomas A. Lipinski

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Statistical tests and research assessments: A comment on Schneider (2012)
Lutz Bornmann | Loet Leydesdorff