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2013 Volume 64 Issue 8

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The evolving indicator space (iSpace)
Blaise Cronin

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Evolving academic library specialties
Andrew M. Cox | Sheila Corrall

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Mixed-methods approach to measuring user experience in online news interactions
Heather L. O'Brien | Mahria Lebow

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Real-time user interest modeling for real-time ranking
Xiaozhong Liu | Howard R. Turtle

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Image and multimedia resources in an academic environment: A qualitative study of students' experiences and literacy practices
Krystyna K. Matusiak

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Undergraduates' personal academic information management and the consideration of time and task-urgency
Diane Mizrachi | Marcia J. Bates

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Topic-based sentiment analysis for the social web: The role of mood and issue-related words
Mike Thelwall | Kevan Buckley

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An emotion-based model of negation, intensifiers, and modality for polarity and intensity classification
Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz | Laura Plaza

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Stay on the Wikipedia task: When task-related disagreements slip into personal and procedural conflicts
Ofer Arazy | M. Lisa Yeo | Oded Nov

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Multilevel-statistical reformulation of citation-based university rankings: The Leiden ranking 2011/2012
Lutz Bornmann | Rüdiger Mutz | Hans-Dieter Daniel

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The use of different information and communication technologies to support knowledge sharing in organizations: From e-mail to micro-blogging
Y. Connie Yuan | Xuan Zhao | Qinying Liao | Chang Yan Chi

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The roles of bridging and bonding in social media communities
Qilin Cao | Yong Lu | Dayong Dong | Zongming Tang | Yongqiang Li

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Revisiting ontologies: A necessary clarification
Mauricio Barcellos Almeida

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Information-based mitigation of intimate partner violence
Ron Houston | Lynn Westbrook

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Answering academic questions for education by recommending cyberlearning resources
Xiaozhong Liu | Han Jia

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"It's stuff that speaks to me": Exploring the characteristics of digital possessions
Amber L. Cushing

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Emotion, information, and cognition, and some possible consequences for library and information science
Torkild Thellefsen | Martin Thellefsen | Bent Sørensen

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Sixty years of citation analysis studies in the humanities (1951-2010)
Jordi Ardanuy

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Does aggressiveness in evaluation improve the quality of scientific research?
Teresa Garnatje | Joan Vallès