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2013 Volume 64 Issue 9

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Improving the accuracy of co-citation clustering using full text
Kevin W. Boyack | Henry Small | Richard Klavans

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Using bibliometrics to support the facilitation of cross-disciplinary communication
Christopher J. Williams | Michael O'Rourke | Sanford D. Eigenbrode | Ian O'Loughlin | Stephen J. Crowley

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Analyzing group E-mail exchange to detect data leakage
Polina Zilberman | Gilad Katz | Asaf Shabtai | Yuval Elovici

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Tracing the footprint of knowledge spillover: Evidence from U.S.-China collaboration in nanotechnology
Li Tang | Guangyuan Hu

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Linked Open Data technologies for publication of census microdata
Gustavo Pabón | Claudio Gutierrez | Javier D. Fernández | Miguel A. Martínez-Prieto

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An open-set size-adjusted Bayesian classifier for authorship attribution
G. Bruce Schaalje | Natalie J. Blades | Tomohiko Funai

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Adolescents' information-creating behavior embedded in digital Media practice using scratch
Kyungwon Koh

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Knowledge popularity in a heterogeneous network: Exploiting the contextual effects of document popularity in knowledge management systems
Xiqing Sha | Klarissa Ting-Ting Chang | Cheng Zhang | Chenghong Zhang

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Full-text citation analysis: A new method to enhance scholarly networks
Xiaozhong Liu | Jinsong Zhang | Chun Guo

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Improving polarity classification of bilingual parallel corpora combining machine learning and semantic orientation approaches
José M. Perea-Ortega | María Teresa Martín-Valdivia | Luis Alfonso Ureña López | Eugenio Martínez-Cámara

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Characterizing user tagging and Co-occurring metadata in general and specialized metadata collections
Hong Huang | Corinne Jörgensen

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The Swedish system of innovation: Regional synergies in a knowledge-based economy
Loet Leydesdorff | Øivind Strand

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The thematic and conceptual flow of disciplinary research: A citation context analysis of the journal of informetrics, 2007
Gali Halevi | Henk F. Moed

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An exploration of the digital library evaluation literature based on an ontological representation
Giannis Tsakonas | Angelos Mitrelis | Leonidas Papachristopoulos | Christos Papatheodorou

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Seeking beyond with IntegraL: A user study of sense-making enabled by anchor-based virtual integration of library systems
Shuyuan Mary Ho | Michael Bieber | Min Song | Xiangmin Zhang

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Graphs and prestige in agricultural journals
Malgorzata Tartanus | Agnieszka Wnuk | Marcin Kozak | James Hartley

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Parsimonious citer-based measures: The artificial intelligence domain as a case study
Lior Rokach | Prasenjit Mitra

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Response to "remarks on the paper by a. De Visscher, 'what does the g-index really measure?' "
Alex De Visscher