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2013 Volume 4 Issue 2

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Introduction to the special section on agent communication
Amit K. Chopra | Alexander Artikis | Jamal Bentahar | Frank Dignum

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Research directions in agent communication
Amit K. Chopra | Alexander Artikis | Jamal Bentahar | Marco Colombetti | Frank Dignum | Nicoletta Fornara | Andrew J. I. Jones | Munindar P. Singh | Pinar Yolum

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Formalizing and verifying protocol refinements
Scott N. Gerard | Munindar P. Singh

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Constitutive and regulative specifications of commitment protocols: A decoupled approach
Matteo Baldoni | Cristina Baroglio | Elisa Marengo | Viviana Patti

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Introduction to special section on trust in multiagent systems
Rino Falcone | Munindar P. Singh

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A framework for trust modeling in multiagent electronic marketplaces with buying advisors to consider varying seller behavior and the limiting of seller bids
Jie Zhang | Robin Cohen

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Building and using social structures: A case study using the agent ART testbed
Elisabetta Erriquez | Wiebe van der Hoek | Michael J. Wooldridge

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Stereotypical trust and bias in dynamic multiagent systems
Chris Burnett | Timothy J. Norman | Katia P. Sycara

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From manifesta to krypta: The relevance of categories for trusting others
Rino Falcone | Michele Piunti | Matteo Venanzi | Cristiano Castelfranchi

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Introduction to the special section on intelligent tutoring and coaching systems
Qing Li | Xiangfeng Luo | Liu Wenyin | Cristina Conati

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Tractable POMDP representations for intelligent tutoring systems
Jeremiah T. Folsom-Kovarik | Gita Sukthankar | Sae Lynne Schatz

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LONET: An interactive search network for intelligent lecture path generation
Neil Y. Yen | Timothy K. Shih | Qun Jin

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Personalized reading support for second-language web documents
Yo Ehara | Nobuyuki Shimizu | Takashi Ninomiya | Hiroshi Nakagawa

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Research commentary: Intelligent systems and technology for integrative and predictive medicine: An ACP approach
Fei-Yue Wang | Pak-Kin Wong

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A parts-based approach for automatic 3D shape categorization using belief functions
Hedi Tabia | Mohamed Daoudi | Jean-Philippe Vandeborre | Olivier Colot

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Learning image-to-class distance metric for image classification
Zhengxiang Wang | Yiqun Hu | Liang-Tien Chia

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A fully online and unsupervised system for large and high-density area surveillance: Tracking, semantic scene learning and abnormality detection
Xuan Song | Xiaowei Shao | Quanshi Zhang | Ryosuke Shibasaki | Huijing Zhao | Jinshi Cui | Hongbin Zha

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A conformant planner based on approximation: CpA(H)
Vien Tran | Khoi Nguyen | Tran Cao Son | Enrico Pontelli