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2013 Volume 4 Issue 3

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Introduction to special section on paraphrasing
Haifeng Wang | Bill Dolan | Idan Szpektor | Shiqi Zhao

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Using targeted paraphrasing and monolingual crowdsourcing to improve translation
Philip Resnik | Olivia Buzek | Yakov Kronrod | Chang Hu | Alexander J. Quinn | Benjamin B. Bederson

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Distributional phrasal paraphrase generation for statistical machine translation
Yuval Marton

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Generating targeted paraphrases for improved translation
Nitin Madnani | Bonnie J. Dorr

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An abstractive approach to sentence compression
Trevor Cohn | Mirella Lapata

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An inference-based model of word meaning in context as a paraphrase distribution
Taesun Moon | Katrin Erk

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Paraphrase acquisition via crowdsourcing and machine learning
Steven Burrows | Martin Potthast | Benno Stein

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Multitechnique paraphrase alignment: A contribution to pinpointing sub-sentential paraphrases
Houda Bouamor | Aurélien Max | Anne Vilnat

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Introduction to the special section on intelligent systems for socially aware computing
Zhiwen Yu | Daqing Zhang | Nathan Eagle | Diane J. Cook

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Pervasive social context: Taxonomy and survey
Daniel Schuster | Alberto Rosi | Marco Mamei | Thomas Springer | Markus Endler | Franco Zambonelli

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Nontrivial landmark recommendation using geotagged photos
Yue Shi | Pavel Serdyukov | Alan Hanjalic | Martha A. Larson

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Exploring pattern-aware travel routes for trajectory search
Ling-Yin Wei | Wen-Chih Peng | Wang-Chien Lee

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Semantic trajectories: Mobility data computation and annotation
Zhixian Yan | Dipanjan Chakraborty | Christine Parent | Stefano Spaccapietra | Karl Aberer

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Connecting people through physical proximity and physical resources at a conference
Alvin Chin | Bin Xu | Hao Wang | Lele Chang | Hao Wang | Lijun Zhu

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Introduction to the special section on social computing, behavioral-cultural modeling, and prediction
Shanchieh Jay Yang | Dana S. Nau | John J. Salerno

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Optimization-based influencing of village social networks in a counterinsurgency
Benjamin W. K. Hung | Stephan E. Kolitz | Asuman E. Ozdaglar

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Markov models of social dynamics: Theory and applications
Herbert Gintis

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Using qualitative reasoning for social simulation of crowds
Natalie Fridman | Gal A. Kaminka

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Detecting changes in information diffusion patterns over social networks
Kazumi Saito | Masahiro Kimura | Kouzou Ohara | Hiroshi Motoda

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Analysis of friendship network and its role in explaining obesity
Achla Marathe | Zhengzheng Pan | Andrea Apolloni