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2013 Volume 4 Issue 4

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Mining search and browse logs for web search: A Survey
Daxin Jiang | Jian Pei | Hang Li

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A survey of appearance models in visual object tracking
Xi Li | Weiming Hu | Chunhua Shen | Zhongfei Zhang | Anthony R. Dick | Anton van den Hengel

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Perspectives in semantic adaptive social web
Federica Cena | Antonina Dattolo | Pasquale Lops | Julita Vassileva

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Social semantic query expansion
Claudio Biancalana | Fabio Gasparetti | Alessandro Micarelli | Giuseppe Sansonetti

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Web media semantic concept retrieval via tag removal and model fusion
Chao Chen | Qiusha Zhu | Lin Lin | Mei-Ling Shyu

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Introduction to the special section on intelligent systems for health informatics
Chandan K. Reddy | Cristopher C. Yang

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A temporal pattern mining approach for classifying electronic health record data
Iyad Batal | Hamed Valizadegan | Gregory F. Cooper | Milos Hauskrecht

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COM: A method for mining and monitoring human activity patterns in home-based health monitoring systems
Parisa Rashidi | Diane J. Cook

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Dealing with uncertainty: Robust workflow navigation in the healthcare domain
Hannes Wolf | Klaus Herrmann | Kurt Rothermel

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CUDIA: Probabilistic cross-level imputation using individual auxiliary information
Yubin Park | Joydeep Ghosh

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Reliable medical recommendation systems with patient privacy
T. Ryan Hoens | Marina Blanton | Aaron Steele | Nitesh V. Chawla

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Validation of an ontological medical decision support system for patient treatment using a repository of patient data: Insights into the value of machine learning
Atif Khan | John A. Doucette | Robin Cohen

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Customized prediction of respiratory motion with clustering from multiple patient interaction
Suk-Jin Lee | Yuichi Motai | Elisabeth Weiss | Shumei S. Sun

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Early prediction of the highest workload in incremental cardiopulmonary tests
Elena Baralis | Tania Cerquitelli | Silvia Chiusano | Vincenzo D'Elia | Riccardo Molinari | Davide Susta

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A semantic framework for intelligent matchmaking for clinical trial eligibility criteria
Yugyung Lee | Saranya Krishnamoorthy | Deendayal Dinakarpandian

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A machine learning approach to college drinking prediction and risk factor identification
Jinbo Bi | Jiangwen Sun | Yu Wu | Howard Tennen | Stephen Armeli

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LocateMe: Magnetic-fields-based indoor localization using smartphones
Kalyan Pathapati Subbu | Brandon Gozick | Ram Dantu

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Random walks down the mention graphs for event coreference resolution
Bin Chen | Jian Su | Chew Lim Tan