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2013 Volume 5 Issue 1

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Introduction to special section on intelligent mobile knowledge discovery and management systems
Hui Xiong | Shashi Shekhar | Alexander Tuzhilin

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Mining geographic-temporal-semantic patterns in trajectories for location prediction
Josh Jia-Ching Ying | Wang-Chien Lee | Vincent S. Tseng

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A framework of traveling companion discovery on trajectory data streams
Lu-An Tang | Yu Zheng | Jing Yuan | Jiawei Han | Alice Leung | Wen-Chih Peng | Thomas La Porta

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Mondrian tree: A fast index for spatial alarm processing
Myungcheol Doo | Ling Liu

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Introduction to the special issue on social web mining
Francesco Bonchi | Wray L. Buntine | Ricard Gavaldà | Shengbo Guo

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Dynamic joint sentiment-topic model
Yulan He | Chenghua Lin | Wei Gao | Kam-Fai Wong

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Personalized emerging topic detection based on a term aging model
Mario Cataldi | Luigi Di Caro | Claudio Schifanella

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Forecasting with twitter data
Marta Arias | Argimiro Arratia | Ramon Xuriguera

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Campaign extraction from social media
Kyumin Lee | James Caverlee | Zhiyuan Cheng | Daniel Z. Sui

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Computationally efficient link prediction in a variety of social networks
Michael Fire | Lena Tenenboim-Chekina | Rami Puzis | Ofrit Lesser | Lior Rokach | Yuval Elovici

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Community detection and visualization in social networks: Integrating structural and semantic information
Juan David Cruz | Cécile Bothorel | François Poulet

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Personalized tag recommendation based on generalized rules
Luca Cagliero | Alessandro Fiori | Luigi Grimaudo

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Active learning strategies for rating elicitation in collaborative filtering: A system-wide perspective
Mehdi Elahi | Francesco Ricci | Neil Rubens

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Analyzing user behavior across social sharing environments
Pasquale De Meo | Emilio Ferrara | Fabian Abel | Lora Aroyo | Geert-Jan Houben

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Audio classification with low-rank matrix representation features
Ziqiang Shi | Jiqing Han | Tieran Zheng

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Trust and matching algorithms for selecting suitable agents
Nardine Osman | Carles Sierra | Fiona McNeill | Juan Pane | John K. Debenham

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Monitoring business constraints with the event calculus
Marco Montali | Fabrizio Maria Maggi | Federico Chesani | Paola Mello | Wil M. P. van der Aalst

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A SAT-based approach to cost-sensitive temporally expressive planning
Qiang Lu | Ruoyun Huang | Yixin Chen | You Xu | Weixiong Zhang | Guoliang Chen

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Relational term-suggestion graphs incorporating multipartite concept and expertise networks
Jyh-Ren Shieh | Ching-Yung Lin | Shun-Xuan Wang | Ja-Ling Wu

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Effective and efficient microprocessor design space exploration using unlabeled design configurations
Tianshi Chen | Yunji Chen | Qi Guo | Zhi-Hua Zhou | Ling Li | Zhiwei Xu

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Norms as a basis for governing sociotechnical systems
Munindar P. Singh