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2013 Volume 31 Issue 3

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About learning models with multiple query-dependent features
Craig Macdonald | Rodrygo L. T. Santos | Iadh Ounis | Ben He

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Mining pure high-order word associations via information geometry for information retrieval
Yuexian Hou | Xiaozhao Zhao | Dawei Song | Wenjie Li

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Fast candidate generation for real-time tweet search with bloom filter chains
Nima Asadi | Jimmy Lin

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Discovering tasks from search engine query logs
Claudio Lucchese | Salvatore Orlando | Raffaele Perego | Fabrizio Silvestri | Gabriele Tolomei

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Practical linear-time O(1)-workspace suffix sorting for constant alphabets
Ge Nong

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Behavioral dynamics on the web: Learning, modeling, and prediction
Kira Radinsky | Krysta M. Svore | Susan T. Dumais | Milad Shokouhi | Jaime Teevan | Alex Bocharov | Eric Horvitz