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2013 Volume 7 Issue 2

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A test-based security certification scheme for web services
Marco Anisetti | Claudio A. Ardagna | Ernesto Damiani | Francesco Saonara

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Enhancing the trust-based recommendation process with explicit distrust
Patricia Victor | Nele Verbiest | Chris Cornelis | Martine De Cock

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A measurement study of insecure javascript practices on the web
Chuan Yue | Haining Wang

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Understanding query interfaces by statistical parsing
Weifeng Su | Hejun Wu | Yafei Li | Jing Zhao | Frederick H. Lochovsky | Hongmin Cai | Tianqiang Huang

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A language for end-user web augmentation: Caring for producers and consumers alike
Oscar Díaz | Cristóbal Arellano | Maider Azanza

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Coordinating the web of services for a smart home
Eirini Kaldeli | Ehsan Ullah Warriach | Alexander Lazovik | Marco Aiello

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Assessing relevance and trust of the deep web sources and results based on inter-source agreement
Raju Balakrishnan | Subbarao Kambhampati | Manishkumar Jha