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2013 Volume 7 Issue 4

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Understanding latent interactions in online social networks
Jing Jiang | Christo Wilson | Xiao Wang | Wenpeng Sha | Peng Huang | Yafei Dai | Ben Y. Zhao

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A bottom-up, knowledge-aware approach to integrating and querying web data services
Silvia Quarteroni | Marco Brambilla | Stefano Ceri

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Web browsing behavior analysis and interactive hypervideo
Luis A. Leiva | Roberto Vivó

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Robust detection of semi-structured web records using a DOM structure-knowledge-driven model
Lidong Bing | Wai Lam | Tak-Lam Wong

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A vlHMM approach to context-aware search
Zhen Liao | Daxin Jiang | Jian Pei | Yalou Huang | Enhong Chen | Huanhuan Cao | Hang Li

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Captions and biases in diagnostic search
Ryen W. White | Eric Horvitz

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Semantic contextual advertising based on the open directory project
Jung-Hyun Lee | JongWoo Ha | Jin-Yong Jung | SangKeun Lee