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Proceedings of the ACM 8th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Bioinformatics, DTMBIO@CIKM 2014, Shanghai, China, November 7, 2014

Doheon Lee, Luonan Chen, Min Song, Hua Xu (Editors)

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Proceedings of the ACM 8th International Workshop on Data and Text Mining in Bioinformatics, DTMBIO@CIKM 2014, Shanghai, China, November 7, 2014

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Parsing Clinical Text: How Good are the State-of-the-Art Parsers?
Min Jiang | Yang Huang | Jung-Wei Fan | Buzhou Tang | Joshua C. Denny | Hua Xu

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Entity Linking for Biomedical Literature
Jinguang Zheng | Daniel Howsmon | Boliang Zhang | Juergen Hahn | Deborah L. McGuinness | James A. Hendler | Heng Ji

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Biomedical Named Entity Recognition Based on the Combination of Regional and Global Text Features
Yoo Kyung Jeong | Dahee Lee | Namgi Han | Won Chul Kim | Min Song

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Injury Narrative Text Classification: A Preliminary Study
Lin Chen | Kirsten Vallmuur | Richi Nayak

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Systematic Identification of Context-dependent Conflicting Information in Biological Pathways
Seyeol Yoon | Jinmyung Jung | Hasun Yu | Mijin Kwon | Sungji Choo | Kyunghyun Park | Dongjin Jang | Sangwoo Kim | Doheon Lee

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Discriminatory Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease through pathway Activity inference in the Resting-State brain
Jongan Lee | Younghoon Kim | Yong Jeong | Duk L. Na | Jong-Won Kim | Kwang Hyung Lee | Doheon Lee

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Inference of Disease E3s from Integrated Functional Relation Network
Bumki Min | Gwan-Su Yi

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Identification of Coexpressed Gene Modules across Multiple Brain Diseases by a Biclustering Analysis on Integrated Gene Expression Data
Kihoon Cha | Kimin Oh | Taeho Hwang | Gwan-Su Yi

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Identifying Cancer Subtypes based on Somatic Mutation Profile
Sungchul Kim | Lee Sael | Hwanjo Yu

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Identification of Genomic Features in the Classification of Loss- and Gain-of-Function Mutation: [Extended Abstract]
Seunghwan Jung | Sejoon Lee | Sangwoo Kim | Hojung Nam

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Identification of a Specific Base Sequence of Pathogenic E. Coli through a Genomic Analysis
Soobok Joe | Hojung Nam

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Grounded Feature Selection for Biomedical Relation Extraction by the Combinative Approach
Sung Jeon Song | Go Eun Heo | Ha Jin Kim | Hyo Jung Jung | Yonghwan Kim | Min Song

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An Exploration of the Collaborative Networks for Clinical and Academic Domains in AIDS Research: A Spatial Scientometric Approach
Yoo Kyung Jeong | Dahee Lee | Min Song

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A Display of Conceptual Structures in the Epidemiologic Literature
Hea-Jin Kim | Sung Jeon Song | Yonghwan Kim | Min Song

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Inferring Undiscovered Public Knowledge by Using Text Mining-driven Graph Model
Go Eun Heo | Keeheon Lee | Min Song

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Mining the Main Health Trend of the General Public based on Opinion Mining of Korean Blogsphere
Yong-il Lee | Sang-Hyob Nam | Jaeseung Jeong

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Integrative Database for Exploring Compound Combinations of Natural Products for Medical Effects
Suhyun Ha | Sunyong Yoo | Moonshik Shin | Jin Sook Kwak | Oran Kwon | Min Chang Choi | Keon Wook Kang | Hojung Nam | Doheon Lee

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Mining Context-Specific Rules from the Literature for Virtual Human Model Simulation
Kwangmin Kim | Sejoon Lee | Kyunghyun Park | Dongjin Jang | Doheon Lee

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Visualization of Zoomable Network for Multi-Compounds and Multi-Targets Analysis
Jaesub Park | Jaeho Kim | Junseok Park | Sunghwa Bae | Hyungseok Kim | Doheon Lee

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Construction of Multi-level Networks Incorporating Molecule, Cell, Organ and Phenotype Properties for Drug-induced Phenotype Prediction
Jinmyung Jung | Hasun Yu | Seyeol Yoon | Mijin Kwon | Sungji Choo | Sangwoo Kim | Doheon Lee

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Detecting Phosphorylation Determined Active Protein Interaction Network during Cancer Development by Robust Network Component Analysis
Tao Zeng | Ziming Wang | Luonan Chen

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TILD: A Strategy to Identify Cancer-related Genes Using Title Information in Literature Data
Jeongwoo Kim | Hyunjin Kim | Yunku Yeu | Mincheol Shin | Sanghyun Park