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2014 Volume 50 Issue 1

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An evaluation framework for cross-lingual link discovery
Ling-Xiang Tang | Shlomo Geva | Andrew Trotman | Yue Xu | Kelly Y. Itakura

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Explicitly integrating MeSH thesaurus help into health information retrieval systems: An empirical user study
Xiangming Mu | Kun Lu | Hohyon Ryu

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An empirical investigation of Web session workloads: Can self-similarity be explained by deterministic chaos?
Scott Dick | Omolbanin Yazdanbakhsh | Xiuli Tang | Toan Huynh | James Miller

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Evaluating books finding tools on social media: A case study of aNobii
Muh-Chyun Tang | Yi-Jin Sie | Pei-Hang Ting

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Determinants of the Web accessibility of European banks
Ana B. Martínez | Javier de Andrés | Julita García

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An investigation into the application of ensemble learning for entailment classification
Niall Rooney | Hui Wang | Philip S. Taylor

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The impact of preprocessing on text classification
Alper Kursat Uysal | Serkan Günal

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Temporal and multi-versioned XML documents: A survey
Sidra Faisal | Mansoor Sarwar

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Effective ranking and search techniques for Web resources considering semantic relationships
Jihyun Lee | Jun-Ki Min | Alice Oh | Chin-Wan Chung

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The relationship between perceived value and information source use during KM strategic decision-making: A study of 17 Chinese business managers
Yang Lin | Charles Cole | Kimiz Dalkir

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You have e-mail, what happens next? Tracking the eyes for genre
Malcolm Clark | Ian Ruthven | Patrik O'Brian Holt | Dawei Song | Stuart N. K. Watt

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Bias-variance analysis in estimating true query model for information retrieval
Peng Zhang | Dawei Song | Jun Wang | Yuexian Hou

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The use of query suggestions during information search
Xi Niu | Diane Kelly