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2014 Volume 50 Issue 2

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Development and validation of a Disaster Management Metamodel (DMM)
Siti Hajar Othman | Ghassan Beydoun | Vijayan Sugumaran

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On the compression of search trees
Francisco Claude | Patrick K. Nicholson | Diego Seco

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Preferences in Wikipedia abstracts: Empirical findings and implications for automatic entity summarization
Danyun Xu | Gong Cheng | Yuzhong Qu

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Revisiting Cross-document Structure Theory for multi-document discourse parsing
Erick Galani Maziero | Maria Lucía del Rosario Castro Jorge | Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo

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Crime profiling for the Arabic language using computational linguistic techniques
Meshrif Alruily | Aladdin Ayesh | Hussein Zedan

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Detecting verbose queries and improving information retrieval
Emanuele Di Buccio | Massimo Melucci | Federica Moro

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Expert group formation using facility location analysis
Mahmood Neshati | Hamid Beigy | Djoerd Hiemstra

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Mining a Persian-English comparable corpus for cross-language information retrieval
Homa Baradaran Hashemi | Azadeh Shakery

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Using compositional semantics and discourse consistency to improve Chinese trigger identification
Peifeng Li | Qiao-Ming Zhu | Guodong Zhou

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A review of ranking approaches for semantic search on Web
Vikas Jindal | Seema Bawa | Shalini Batra

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Evaluating and understanding text-based stock price prediction models
Enric Junqué de Fortuny | Tom De Smedt | David Martens | Walter Daelemans