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2014 Volume 50 Issue 4

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An investigation of the search behaviour associated with Ingwersen's three types of information needs
Pia Borlund | Sabine Dreier

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Bid keyword suggestion in sponsored search based on competitiveness and relevance
Ying Zhang | Weinan Zhang | Bin Gao | Xiaojie Yuan | Tie-Yan Liu

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Personalized and object-centered tag recommendation methods for Web 2.0 applications
Fabiano Muniz Belém | Eder Ferreira Martins | Jussara M. Almeida | Marcos André Gonçalves

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Automatic thematic classification of election manifestos
Suzan Verberne | Eva D'hondt | Antal van den Bosch | Maarten Marx

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Automatic suggestion of phrasal-concept queries for literature search
Youngho Kim | Jangwon Seo | W. Bruce Croft | David A. Smith

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Social and Q&A interfaces for app download
Gianluca Dini | Pierfrancesco Foglia | Cosimo Antonio Prete | Michele Zanda

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Enriching queries with user preferences in healthcare
Tesfa Tegegne | Theo P. van der Weide