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2014 Volume 50 Issue 5

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An architecture for Malay Tweet normalization
Mohammad Arshi Saloot | Norisma Idris | Rohana Mahmud

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A recommender mechanism for social knowledge navigation in an online encyclopedia
Yung-Ming Li | Lien-Fa Lin | Yu-Hui Lin

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A new decision to take for cost-sensitive Naïve Bayes classifiers
Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio

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Understanding the adoption of location-based recommendation agents among active users of social networking sites
Dong-Hong Zhu | Ya-Ping Chang | Jian Jun Luo | Xin Li

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Open domain question answering using Wikipedia-based knowledge model
Pum-Mo Ryu | Myung-Gil Jang | Hyunki Kim

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Supervised sentiment analysis in Czech social media
Ivan Habernal | Tomás Ptácek | Josef Steinberger

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Health-related information seeking: Is it worth it?
J. David Johnson

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Bi-view semi-supervised active learning for cross-lingual sentiment classification
Mohammad Sadegh Hajmohammadi | Roliana Ibrahim | Ali Selamat

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Differences in representations of Japanese name authority data among CJK countries and the Library of Congress
Maiko Kimura

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On domain expertise-based roles in collaborative information retrieval
Laure Soulier | Lynda Tamine | Wahiba Bahsoun

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Expertise seeking: A review
Morten Hertzum

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Compression of double array structures for fixed length keywords
Masao Fuketa | Hiroya Kitagawa | Takuki Ogawa | Kazuhiro Morita | Jun-ichi Aoe

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Soft-constrained inference for Named Entity Recognition
Elisabetta Fersini | Enza Messina | Giovanni Felici | Dan Roth