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2014 Volume 65 Issue 1

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Guest editorial
Diane H. Sonnenwald | Harry Bruce

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Subject matter categorization of tags applied to digital images from art museums
Judith L. Klavans | Rebecca LaPlante | Jennifer Golbeck

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Analyzing geographic query reformulation: An exploratory study
Saad Aloteibi | Mark Sanderson

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Using internet groups in situations of information poverty: Topics and information needs
Laura Hasler | Ian Ruthven | Steven Buchanan

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Informational support exchanges using different computer-mediated communication formats in a social media alcoholism community
Katherine Y. Chuang | Christopher C. Yang

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Searching for specific health-related information in MedlinePlus: Behavioral patterns and user experience
Yan Zhang

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Investigating the behavior of visually impaired users for multi-session search tasks
Nuzhah Gooda Sahib | Anastasios Tombros | Tony Stockman

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Early warning information seeking in the 2009 Victorian Bushfires
Chun Wei Choo | Indrani Nadarajah

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Crossing new borders: computers, mobile phones, transportation, and English language among Hispanic day laborers in Seattle, Washington
Luis Fernando Baron-Porras | Moriah Neils | Ricardo Gómez

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A Two-stage active learning method for learning to rank
Rodrigo M. Silva | Marcos André Gonçalves | Adriano Veloso

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Automatically embedding newsworthy links to articles: From implementation to evaluation
Ioannis Arapakis | Mounia Lalmas | Hakan Ceylan | Pinar Donmez

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Cost and benefit estimation of experts' mediation in an enterprise search
Mingfang Wu | Andrew Turpin | James A. Thom | Falk Scholer | Ross Wilkinson

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Interdisciplinarity at the journal and specialty level: The changing knowledge bases of the journal cognitive science
Loet Leydesdorff | Robert L. Goldstone

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Determining if two documents are written by the same author
Moshe Koppel | Yaron Winter

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Education journals: Two decades of change and implications for the field
Patricia Hardré | Chad Mortensen

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Increase in numbers and proportions of review articles in Tropical Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and oncology
Robert Colebunders | Chris Kenyon | Ronald Rousseau

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Distributions instead of single numbers: Percentiles and beam plots for the assessment of single researchers
Lutz Bornmann | Werner Marx

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Do we still need peer review? An argument for change - By T.H.P. Gould
Lutz Bornmann

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Quantity, quality, and consistency as bibliometric indicators
Gangan Prathap