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2014 Volume 65 Issue 12

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Wikipedia in the eyes of its beholders: A systematic review of scholarly research on Wikipedia readers and readership
Chitu Okoli | Mohamad Mehdi | Mostafa Mesgari | Finn Årup Nielsen | Arto Lanamäki

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Open-access repositories worldwide, 2005-2012: Past growth, current characteristics, and future possibilities
Stephen Pinfield | Jennifer Salter | Peter A. Bath | Bill Hubbard | Peter Millington | Jane H. S. Anders | Azhar Hussain

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A framework for analyzing and comparing privacy states
Alan Rubel | Ryan Biava

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Patent overlay mapping: Visualizing technological distance
Luciano Kay | Nils C. Newman | Jan L. Youtie | Alan L. Porter | Ismael Ràfols

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Profiling social networks to provide useful and privacy-preserving web search
Alexandre Viejo | David Sánchez

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The social circles behind scientific references: Relationships between citing and cited authors in chemistry publications
Béatrice Milard

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Improving query expansion using WordNet
Dipasree Pal | Mandar Mitra | Kalyankumar Datta

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Citations with different levels of relevancy: Tracing the main paths of legal opinions
John S. Liu | Hsiao-Hui Chen | Mei Hsiu-Ching Ho | Yu-Chen Li

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What kind of knowledge is in Wikipedia? Unsupervised extraction of properties for similar concepts
Eduard Barbu

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Can the impact of non-Western academic books be measured? An investigation of Google Books and Google Scholar for Malaysia
Abdullah Abrizah | Mike Thelwall

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WL-index: Leveraging citation mention number to quantify an individual's scientific impact
Xiaojun Wan | Fang Liu

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The zen of multidisciplinary team recommendation
Anwitaman Datta | Jackson Tan Teck Yong | Stefano Braghin

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A new algorithm for product image search based on salient edge characterization
Yuhua Li | Songhua Xu | Xiaonan Luo | Shujin Lin

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Getting a second opinion: Social capital, digital inequalities, and health information repertoires
Wenhong Chen | Kye-Hyoung Lee | Joseph D. Straubhaar | Jeremiah Spence

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A life cycle model of XML documents
Airi Salminen | Eliisa Jauhiainen | Reija Nurmeksela

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A multidimensional approach to evaluating management journals: Refining pagerank via the differentiation of citation types and identifying the roles that management journals play
Brenda Cheang | Samuel Kai-Wah Chu | Chongshou Li | Andrew Lim

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Summa Technologiae - By Stanislaw Lem
Finn Brunton