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2014 Volume 65 Issue 3

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Blaise Cronin

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F1000 Recommendations as a Potential New Data Source for Research Evaluation: A Comparison With Citations
Ludo Waltman | Rodrigo Costas

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The Google scholar experiment: How to index false papers and manipulate bibliometric indicators
Emilio Delgado López-Cózar | Nicolás Robinson-García | Daniel Torres-Salinas

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Adjustable properties of visual representations: Improving the quality of human-information interaction
Paul Parsons | Kamran Sedig

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Understanding the retrieval effectiveness of collaborative tags and author keywords in different retrieval environments: An experimental study on medical collections
Kun Lu | Margaret E. I. Kipp

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Framing serendipitous information-seeking behavior for facilitating literature-based discovery: A proposed model
Terri Elizabeth Workman | Marcelo Fiszman | Thomas C. Rindflesch | Diane Nahl

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Dynamic topic-related tweet retrieval
Juan M. Cotelo | Fermín L. Cruz | José A. Troyano

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Improving privacy settings control in online social networks with a wheel interface
Tziporah Stern | Nanda Kumar

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Community detection based on social interactions in a social network
Yen-Liang Chen | Ching-Hao Chuang | Yu-Ting Chiu

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Gender differences in the moral judgment and behavior of Israeli adolescents in the internet environment
Dan Bouhnik | Deshen Mor

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Definition of a model based on bibliometric indicators for assessing applicants to academic positions
Elizabeth S. Vieira | José António S. Cabral | José A. N. F. Gomes

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Determining the factors that influence college students' adoption of smartphones
Daejoong Kim | Heasun Chun | Hyunjoo Lee

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The corporate information agency: Do competitive intelligence practitioners utilize It?
Tao Jin | Boryung Ju

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Information behavior and HIV testing intentions among young men at risk for HIV/AIDS
Chrysta C. Meadowbrooke | Tiffany C. Veinot | Jimena Loveluck | Andrew Hickok | José A. Bauermeister

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Exploiting temporal characteristics of features for effectively discovering event episodes from news corpora
Chih-Ping Wei | Yen-Hsien Lee | Yu-Sheng Chiang | Chun-Ta Chen | Christopher C. Yang

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Parallel worlds of citable documents and others: Inflated commissioned opinion articles enhance scientometric indicators
Petr Heneberg

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On Computing: The Fourth Great Scientific Domain - By P.S. Rosenbloom
John S. Seberger | Cory P. Knobel

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Is there currently a scientific revolution in Scientometrics?
Lutz Bornmann