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2014 Volume 65 Issue 5

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Valuable words: The price dynamics of internet domain names
Thies Lindenthal

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Coauthorship of journal articles and book chapters in the social sciences and humanities (2000-2010)
Truyken L. B. Ossenblok | Frederik T. Verleysen | Tim C. E. Engels

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What influences online deliberation? A wikipedia study
Lu Xiao | Nicole Askin

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Beyond quality and accessibility: Source selection in consumer health information searching
Yan Zhang

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Text mining self-disclosing health information for public health service
Yungchang Ku | Chaochang Chiu | Yulei Zhang | Hsinchun Chen | Handsome Su

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Evaluation of the navigation effectiveness of an organizational taxonomy built on a general classification scheme and domain thesauri
Zhonghong Wang | Christopher S. G. Khoo | Abdus Sattar Chaudhry

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An interactive metadata model for structural, descriptive, and referential representation of scholarly output
Xiaozhong Liu | Jian Qin

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Abstracting the core subnet of weighted networks based on link strengths
Star X. Zhao | Paul L. Zhang | Jiang Li | Alice M. Tan | Fred Y. Ye

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The knowledge base and research front of information science 2006-2010: An author cocitation and bibliographic coupling analysis
Dangzhi Zhao | Andreas Strotmann

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Patent citation analysis: Calculating science linkage based on citing motivation
Rui Li | Tamy Chambers | Ying Ding | Guo Zhang | Liansheng Meng

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Do blog citations correlate with a higher number of future citations? Research blogs as a potential source for alternative metrics
Hadas Shema | Judit Bar-Ilan | Mike Thelwall

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Evaluation of a scatter/gather interface for supporting distinct health information search tasks
Yan Zhang | Ramona Broussard | Weimao Ke | Xuemei Gong

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Knowledge creation and the concept of a human being: A phenomenological approach
Anna Suorsa | Maija-Leena Huotari

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Efficient automatic search query formulation using phrase-level analysis
Sangaralingam Kajanan | Yang Bao | Anindya Datta | Debra E. VanderMeer | Kaushik Dutta

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Measures for impact, consistency, and the h- and g-indices
Gangan Prathap

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Ranking top economics and finance journals using Microsoft academic search versus Google scholar: How does the new publish or perish option compare?
M. Ryan Haley

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Powering Search: The Role of Thesauri in New Information Environments - By Ali Shiri
Bella Hass Weinberg

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On scientific misconduct
Harry Collins | Lutz Bornmann