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2014 Volume 65 Issue 7

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Privacy and security issues for mobile health platforms
Melissa J. Harvey | Michael G. Harvey

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Distributed knowledge in an online patient support community: Authority and discovery
Michelle M. Kazmer | Mia Liza A. Lustria | Juliann Cortese | Gary Burnett | Ji-Hyun Kim | Jinxuan Ma | Jeana Frost

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Relevance judgments of mobile commercial information
Xiaolun Wang | Zhijuan Hong | Yunjie (Calvin) Xu | Chenghong Zhang | Hong Ling

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An arts-informed study of information using the draw-and-write technique
Jenna Hartel

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Query recommendation in the information domain of children
Sergio Duarte Torres | Djoerd Hiemstra | Ingmar Weber | Pavel Serdyukov

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An exploratory study of secondary students' judgments of the relevance and reliability of information
Curtis Watson

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Twitter users' interest in asteroid 2012 DA_ mirrored the asteroid's trajectory during its Earth flyby
Stefan Stieger | Viren Swami

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Adding Twitter-specific features to stylistic features for classifying tweets by user type and number of retweets
Yui Arakawa | Akihiro Kameda | Akiko Aizawa | Takafumi Suzuki

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Brazilian bibliometric coauthorship networks
Jesús Pascual Mena-Chalco | Luciano Antonio Digiampietri | Fabrício Martins Lopes | Roberto Marcondes Cesar Junior

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Evolution of library and information science, 1965-2005: Content analysis of journal articles
Otto Tuomaala | Kalervo Järvelin | Pertti Vakkari

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A method for automatic extraction of multiword units representing business aspects from user reviews
Olga Vechtomova

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When complexity becomes interesting
Frans van der Sluis | Egon L. van den Broek | Richard Glassey | Elisabeth M. A. G. van Dijk | Franciska M. G. de Jong

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The kiss of death? The effect of being cited in a review on subsequent citations
Christian Lachance | Steve Poirier | Vincent Larivière

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A three-class, three-dimensional bibliometric performance indicator
Gangan Prathap

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Burdens of Proof: Cryptographic Culture and Evidence Law in the Age of Electronic Documents - By Jean-François Blanchette
Jeffrey M. Stanton | Ben Rothke

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How to Conduct a Practice-Based Study: Problems and Methods; Practice Theory, Work and Organization: An Introduction; The Dynamics of Social Practice: Everyday Life and How It Changes
Andrew M. Cox