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2014 Volume 65 Issue 8

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Archaeology of a digitization
Bonnie Mak

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Citation-Based Plagiarism Detection: Practicability on a Large-Scale Scientific Corpus
Bela Gipp | Norman Meuschke | Corinna Breitinger

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The effects of information privacy concerns on digitizing personal health records
Ting Li | Thomas Slee

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Dyadic attribution model: A mechanism to assess trustworthiness in virtual organizations
Shuyuan Mary Ho | Izak Benbasat

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Automatic query expansion: A structural linguistic perspective
Michael Symonds | Peter Bruza | Guido Zuccon | Bevan Koopman | Laurianne Sitbon | Ian W. Turner

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Query-performance prediction for effective query routing in domain-specific repositories
Surendra Sarnikar | Zhu Zhang | J. Leon Zhao

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Disseminating research with web CV hyperlinks
Kayvan Kousha | Mike Thelwall

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Mendeley readership altmetrics for the social sciences and humanities: Research evaluation and knowledge flows
Ehsan Mohammadi | Mike Thelwall

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An integrated examination of collaboration coauthorship networks through structural cohesion, holes, hierarchy, and percolating clusters
Jaideep Ghosh | Avinash Kshitij

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Understanding information and communication technology behavioral intention to use: Applying the UTAUT model to social networking site adoption by young people in a least developed country
Bangaly Kaba | Bakary Touré

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A study on mental models of taggers and experts for article indexing based on analysis of keyword usage
Ya-Ning Chen | Hao-Ren Ke

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E-books versus print books: Readers' choices and preferences across contexts
Yin Zhang | Sonali Kudva

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Effects of rationale awareness in online ideation crowdsourcing tasks
Lu Xiao

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Analyzing broken links on the web of data: An experiment with DBpedia
Enayat Rajabi | Salvador Sánchez-Alonso | Miguel-Ángel Sicilia

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How many athletes qualified for the London Olympic Games?
Adrian Miroiu

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In memoriam: Anthony Debons (1916-2013)
James G. Williams

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A brief tribute by Toni Carbo
Toni Carbo