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2014 Volume 5 Issue 4

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Introduction to the Special Issue on Diversity and Discovery in Recommender Systems
Pablo Castells | Jun Wang | Rubén Lara | Dell Zhang

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Multiobjective Pareto-Efficient Approaches for Recommender Systems
Marco Túlio Ribeiro | Nivio Ziviani | Edleno Silva de Moura | Itamar Hata | Anísio Lacerda | Adriano Veloso

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On Unexpectedness in Recommender Systems: Or How to Better Expect the Unexpected
Panagiotis Adamopoulos | Alexander Tuzhilin

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Diversifying Citation Recommendations
Onur Küçüktunç | Erik Saule | Kamer Kaya | Ümit V. Çatalyürek

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Accurate and Novel Recommendations: An Algorithm Based on Popularity Forecasting
Amin Javari | Mahdi Jalili

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Introduction to the Special Issue on Online Advertising
Dou Shen | Deepak Agarwal

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Mining Mobile User Preferences for Personalized Context-Aware Recommendation
Hengshu Zhu | Enhong Chen | Hui Xiong | Kuifei Yu | Huanhuan Cao | Jilei Tian

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Location- and Query-Aware Modeling of Browsing and Click Behavior in Sponsored Search
Azin Ashkan | Charles L. A. Clarke

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Sponsored Search Auctions: Recent Advances and Future Directions
Tao Qin | Wei Chen | Tie-Yan Liu

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Simple and Scalable Response Prediction for Display Advertising
Olivier Chapelle | Eren Manavoglu | Rómer Rosales

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Real-Time Bid Optimization for Group-Buying Ads
Raju Balakrishnan | Rushi P. Bhatt

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Improved Approaches with Calibrated Neighboring Joint Density to Steganalysis and Seam-Carved Forgery Detection in JPEG Images
Qingzhong Liu | Zhongxue Chen

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Strategic Information Disclosure to People with Multiple Alternatives
Amos Azaria | Zinovi Rabinovich | Claudia V. Goldman | Sarit Kraus

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Snap & Play: Auto-Generated Personalized Find-the-Difference Game
Si Liu | Qiang Chen | Shuicheng Yan | Changsheng Xu | Hanqing Lu

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Choosing a Candidate Using Efficient Allocation of Biased Information
Shulamit Reches | Meir Kalech

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Community Discovery from Social Media by Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
Jinfeng Zhuang | Tao Mei | Steven C. H. Hoi | Xian-Sheng Hua | Yongdong Zhang

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Identifying Points of Interest Using Heterogeneous Features
Yiyang Yang | Zhiguo Gong | Leong Hou U