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2014 Volume 32 Issue 4

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Patent Query Formulation by Synthesizing Multiple Sources of Relevance Evidence
Parvaz Mahdabi | Fabio Crestani

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Matrix Factorization with Explicit Trust and Distrust Side Information for Improved Social Recommendation
Rana Forsati | Mehrdad Mahdavi | Mehrnoush Shamsfard | Mohamed Sarwat

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Browse-to-Search: Interactive Exploratory Search with Visual Entities
Shiyang Lu | Tao Mei | Jingdong Wang | Jian Zhang | Zhiyong Wang | Shipeng Li

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Exploiting Representations from Statistical Machine Translation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Ferhan Türe | Jimmy Lin

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Understanding Intrinsic Diversity in Web Search: Improving Whole-Session Relevance
Karthik Raman | Paul N. Bennett | Kevyn Collins-Thompson

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Cache Design of SSD-Based Search Engine Architectures: An Experimental Study
Jianguo Wang | Eric Lo | Man Lung Yiu | Jiancong Tong | Gang Wang | Xiaoguang Liu