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2014 Volume 8 Issue 3

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Foundations of Trust and Distrust in Networks: Extended Structural Balance Theory
Yi Qian | Sibel Adali

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Conceptual Development of Custom, Domain-Specific Mashup Platforms
Stefano Soi | Florian Daniel | Fabio Casati

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Propagating Both Trust and Distrust with Target Differentiation for Combating Link-Based Web Spam
Xianchao Zhang | You Wang | Nan Mou | Wenxin Liang

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Incremental Text Indexing for Fast Disk-Based Search
Giorgos Margaritis | Stergios V. Anastasiadis

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Analyzing and Mining Comments and Comment Ratings on the Social Web
Stefan Siersdorfer | Sergiu Chelaru | José San Pedro | Ismail Sengör Altingövde | Wolfgang Nejdl

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Ten Years of Rich Internet Applications: A Systematic Mapping Study, and Beyond
Sven Casteleyn | Irene Garrigós | Jose-Norberto Mazón

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A Model-Based Approach for Crawling Rich Internet Applications
Mustafa Emre Dincturk | Guy-Vincent Jourdan | Gregor von Bochmann | Iosif-Viorel Onut