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2014 Volume 17 Issue 1

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Crowdsourcing tasks to social networks in BPEL4People
Daniel Schall | Benjamin Satzger | Harald Psaier

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QoS-aware service selection via collaborative QoS evaluation
Qi Yu

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Evaluating continuous top-k queries over document streams
Weixiong Rao | Lei Chen | Shudong Chen | Sasu Tarkoma

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Assessing the suitability of an honest rating mechanism for the collaborative creation of structured knowledge
Conny Kühne | Klemens Böhm

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Clustering web documents using hierarchical representation with multi-granularity
Faliang Huang | Shichao Zhang | Minghua He | Xindong Wu

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XML keyword search with promising result type recommendations
Jianxin Li | Chengfei Liu | Rui Zhou | Wei Wang

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Aggregate nearest neighbor queries in uncertain graphs
Zhang Liu | Chaokun Wang | Jianmin Wang