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2014 Volume 17 Issue 6

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A comparative study of three social networking websites
Krishna C. Chinthakayala | Chunying Zhao | Jun Kong | Kang Zhang

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The min-dist location selection and facility replacement queries
Jianzhong Qi | Rui Zhang | Yanqiu Wang | Andy Yuan Xue | Ge Yu | Lars Kulik

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Emerging research areas in SIP-based converged services for extended Web clients
Michael Adeyeye | Paolo Bellavista

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Users' interest grouping from online reviews based on topic frequency and order
Jianfeng Si | Qing Li | Tieyun Qian | Xiaotie Deng

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Topic formation and development: a core-group evolving process
Tieyun Qian | Qing Li | Bing Liu | Hui Xiong | Jaideep Srivastava | Phillip C.-Y. Sheu

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Malicious URL detection by dynamically mining patterns without pre-defined elements
Da Huang | Kai Xu | Jian Pei

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Automatic extraction of persistent topics from social text streams
Yongwook Shin | Chuh Yeop Ryo | Jonghun Park