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Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval, GIR 2015, Paris, France, November 26-27, 2015

Ross S. Purves, Christopher B. Jones (Editors)

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Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval, GIR 2015, Paris, France, November 26-27, 2015

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Expanding the utility of geospatial knowledge bases by linking concepts to WikiText and to polygonal boundaries
Bruno Martins | Francisco J. López-Pellicer | Dirk Ahlers

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The Wikipedia location network: overcoming borders and oceans
Johanna Geiß | Andreas Spitz | Jannik Strötgen | Michael Gertz

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Linked data for toponym linking in French literary texts
Carmen Brando | Francesca Frontini | Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

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Granularity as a qualitative concept for GIR
Dirk Ahlers

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A multi-layer markup language for geospatial semantic annotations
Ludovic Moncla | Mauro Gaio

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Tagging of temporal expressions and geological features in scientific articles
Johannes Leveling

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Geocoding textual documents through the usage of hierarchical classifiers
Fernando Melo | Bruno Martins

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Geographical address classification without using geolocation coordinates
T. Ravindra Babu | Abhranil Chatterjee | Shivram Khandeparker | A. Vamsi Subhash | Sawan Gupta

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Geocoding place names from historic route descriptions
Daniel Blank | Andreas Henrich

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Towards an unbiased approach for the evaluation of social data geolocation
Carlo Bernaschina | Ilio Catallo | Eleonora Ciceri | Roman Fedorov | Piero Fraternali

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Geographic information extraction, disambiguation and ranking techniques
Yisleidy Linares Zaila | Danilo Montesi

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Spatial role labeling with convolutional neural networks
Alexey Mazalov | Bruno Martins | David Martins de Matos

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Spatial characteristics of a large web n-gram corpus
Jerome Sautier | Curdin Derungs

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Towards contextualized models of spatial relations
Jan Oliver Wallgrün | Alexander Klippel | Morteza Karimzadeh

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Synthesis of partial rankings of points of interest using crowdsourcing
Ilkcan Keles | Simonas Saltenis | Christian S. Jensen

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Handling shape variations in geographical distance rankings for local news recommendation
Jon Espen Ingvaldsen | Dirk Ahlers

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TEXTOMAP: determining geographical window for texts
Geoffrey Brun | Catherine Dominguès | M.-D. Van Damme