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2015 Volume 5 Issue 3

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Extracting Entities of Emergent Events from Social Streams Based on a Data-Cluster Slicing Approach for Ontology Engineering
Chung-Hong Lee | Chih-Hung Wu

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Application of Domain Ontologies to Natural Language Processing: A Case Study for Drug-Drug Interactions
María Herrero-Zazo | Isabel Segura-Bedmar | Janna Hastings | Paloma Martínez

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Document Clustering Using an Ontology-Based Vector Space Model
Ruben Costa | Celson Lima

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Ontological Random Forests for Image Classification
Ning Xu | Jiangping Wang | Guojun Qi | Thomas S. Huang | Weiyao Lin

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Facilitating Learning Resource Retrieval for Students with Disabilities through an Ontology-Driven and Disability-Aware Virtual Learning Environment
Julius Tanyu Nganji | Mike Brayshaw