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2015 Volume 4 Issue 2

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Special issue on concept detection with big data
Shih-Fu Chang | Thomas S. Huang | Michael S. Lew | Bart Thomee

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On-the-fly learning for visual search of large-scale image and video datasets
Ken Chatfield | Relja Arandjelovic | Omkar M. Parkhi | Andrew Zisserman

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Learning to detect concepts with Approximate Laplacian Eigenmaps in large-scale and online settings
Eleni Mantziou | Symeon Papadopoulos | Yiannis Kompatsiaris

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ImageCLEF annotation with explicit context-aware kernel maps
Hichem Sahbi

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Building effective SVM concept detectors from clickthrough data for large-scale image retrieval
Ioannis A. Sarafis | Christos Diou | Anastasios Delopoulos

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Large image modality labeling initiative using semi-supervised and optimized clustering
Szilárd Vajda | Daekeun You | Sameer K. Antani | George R. Thoma

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Distributed cross-media multiple binary subspace learning
Xueyi Zhao | Chenyi Zhang | Zhongfei Zhang