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2015 Volume 51 Issue 3

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Feature-based approaches to semantic similarity assessment of concepts using Wikipedia
Yuncheng Jiang | Xiaopei Zhang | Yong Tang | Ruihua Nie

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Influence of social software features on the reuse of Business Intelligence reports
Paul Alpar | Tobias H. Engler | Michael Schulz

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A reinforcement learning formulation to the complex question answering problem
Yllias Chali | Sadid A. Hasan | Mustapha Mojahid

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Exploring search task difficulty reasons in different task types and user knowledge groups
Jingjing Liu | Chang Suk Kim | Caitlin Creel

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What do you wish to see? A summarization system for movies based on user preferences
Rajkumar Kannan | Gheorghita Ghinea | Sridhar Swaminathan

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Learning combination weights in data fusion using Genetic Algorithms
Kripabandhu Ghosh | Swapan K. Parui | Prasenjit Majumder