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2015 Volume 51 Issue 5

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Query strategies during information searching: Effects of prior domain knowledge and complexity of the information problems to be solved
Sophie Monchaux | Franck Amadieu | Aline Chevalier | Claudette Mariné

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MEANS: A medical question-answering system combining NLP techniques and semantic Web technologies
Asma Ben Abacha | Pierre Zweigenbaum

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Bridging the vocabulary gap between questions and answer sentences
Saeedeh Momtazi | Dietrich Klakow

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Large-scale spectral clustering based on pairwise constraints
Theodoros Semertzidis | Dimitrios Rafailidis | Michael G. Strintzis | Petros Daras

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Location-aware service applied to mobile short message advertising: Design, development, and evaluation
Chien-Hsing Wu | Shu-Chen Kao | Chuan-Chun Wu | Stan Huang

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Implicit search feature based approach to assist users in exploratory search tasks
Chathra Hendahewa | Chirag Shah

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Design and evaluation of a parallel algorithm for inferring topic hierarchies
Karthick Seshadri | S. Mercy Shalinie | Chidambaram Kollengode

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Statistical comparisons of non-deterministic IR systems using two dimensional variance
Gaya K. Jayasinghe | William Webber | Mark Sanderson | Lasitha Sandamali Dharmasena | J. Shane Culpepper

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An investigation on the serendipity problem in recommender systems
Marco de Gemmis | Pasquale Lops | Giovanni Semeraro | Cataldo Musto

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External to internal search: Associating searching on search engines with searching on sites
Adan Ortiz-Cordova | Yanwu Yang | Bernard J. Jansen

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Associative topic models with numerical time series
Sungrae Park | Wonsung Lee | Il-Chul Moon