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2015 Volume 66 Issue 11

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"Waiting for Carnot": Information and complexity
David Bawden | Lyn Robinson

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Mining full-text journal articles to assess obliteration by incorporation: Herbert A. Simon's concepts of bounded rationality and satisficing in economics, management, and psychology
Katherine W. McCain

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The VQR, Italy's second national research assessment: Methodological failures and ranking distortions
Giovanni Abramo | Ciriaco Andrea D'Angelo

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Growth rates of modern science: A bibliometric analysis based on the number of publications and cited references
Lutz Bornmann | Rüdiger Mutz

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Improving relevance feedback-based query expansion by the use of a weighted word pairs approach
Francesco Colace | Massimo De Santo | Luca Greco | Paolo Napoletano

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Evaluating a search interface for visually impaired searchers
Nuzhah Gooda Sahib | Anastasios Tombros | Tony Stockman

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The end game in Kuhlthau's ISP Model: Knowledge construction for grade 8 students researching an inquiry-based history project
Charles Cole | Jamshid Beheshti | Dhary Abuhimed | Isabelle Lamoureux

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Learning from Elitist Jerks: Creating high-quality knowledge resources from ongoing conversations
Julia Bullard | James Howison

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Imitating CoPs: Imposing formality on informality
Karin Dessne | Katriina Byström

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Understanding tourists' collaborative information retrieval behavior to inform design
Abu Shamim Mohammad Arif | Jia Tina Du | Ivan Lee

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A visual XML dataspace approach for satisfying ad hoc information needs
Katja Moilanen | Timo Niemi | Turkka Näppilä | Mikko Kuru

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Testing for the fairness and predictive validity of research funding decisions: A multilevel multiple imputation for missing data approach using ex-ante and ex-post peer evaluation data from the Austrian science fund
Rüdiger Mutz | Lutz Bornmann | Hans-Dieter Daniel

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Imperfect referees: Reducing the impact of multiple biases in peer review
Yun Wei Zhao | Chi-Hung Chi | Willem-Jan van den Heuvel

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Research dynamics, impact, and dissemination: A topic-level analysis
Erjia Yan

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A variant of the h-index to measure recent performance
Michael Schreiber

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A new index to use in conjunction with the h-index to account for an author's relative contribution to publications with high impact
Erika Crispo

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Some variations on the standard theoretical models for the h-index: A comparative analysis
Chrisovalantis Malesios

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Sandra Rousseau | Ronald Rousseau

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Do open access data files represent an academic Risk?
Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva | Judit Dobránszki

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Web Metrics for Library and Information Professionals - Edited by David Stuart
Enrique Orduña-Malea