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2015 Volume 66 Issue 3

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"Potentialities or possibilities": Towards quantum information science?
David Bawden | Lyn Robinson | Tyabba Siddiqui

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Providing informational support in an online discussion group and a Q&A site: The case of travel planning
Reijo Savolainen

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Real-time classification of Twitter trends
Arkaitz Zubiaga | Damiano Spina | Raquel Martínez-Unanue | Víctor Fresno

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Seven dimensions of contemporary participation disentangled
Christopher M. Kelty | Aaron Panofsky | Morgan E. Currie | Roderic N. Crooks | Seth Erickson | Patricia Garcia | Michael Wartenbe | Stacy Wood

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A novel approach to citation normalization: A similarity-based method for creating reference sets
Cristian Colliander

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Identifying ISI-indexed articles by their lexical usage: A text analysis approach
Mohammadreza Moohebat | Ram Gopal Raj | Sameem Binti Abdul Kareem | Dirk Thorleuchter

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Differences in citation impact across countries
Pedro Albarrán | Antonio Perianes-Rodríguez | Javier Ruiz-Castillo

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Eye-tracking analysis of user behavior and performance in web search on large and small screens
Jaewon Kim | Paul Thomas | Ramesh S. Sankaranarayana | Tom Gedeon | Hwan-Jin Yoon

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Applying knowledge flow mining to group recommendation methods for task-based groups
Chin-Hui Lai

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Using content and network analysis to understand the social support exchange patterns and user behaviors of an online smoking cessation intervention program
Mi Zhang | Christopher C. Yang

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A taxonomy of antecedents to user adoption of health information systems: A synthesis of thirty years of research
Mohammadreza Najaftorkaman | Amir Hossein Ghapanchi | Amir Talaei-Khoei | Pradeep Ray

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Intimate partner violence online: Expectations and agency in question and answer websites
Lynn Westbrook

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Data Practices and Curation Vocabulary (DPCVocab): An empirically derived framework of scientific data practices and curatorial processes
Tiffany C. Chao | Melissa H. Cragin | Carole L. Palmer

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A fast method based on multiple clustering for name disambiguation in bibliographic citations
Yu Liu | Weijia Li | Zhen Huang | Qiang Fang

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Sister Nivedita's influence on J. C. Bose's writings
Siladitya Jana