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2015 Volume 66 Issue 4

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Big data and its epistemology
Martin Frické

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Information seeking, use, and decision making
Jyoti Laxmi Mishra | David K. Allen | Alan D. Pearman

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Effect of web page menu orientation on retrieving information by people with learning disabilities
Peter Williams | Christian Hennig

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Internet information triangulation: Design theory and prototype evaluation
Fons Wijnhoven | Michel Brinkhuis

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How are icons processed by the brain? Neuroimaging measures of four types of visual stimuli used in information systems
Sheng-Cheng Huang | Randolph G. Bias | David M. Schnyer

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Generating descriptive multi-document summaries of geo-located entities using entity type models
Ahmet Aker | Robert J. Gaizauskas

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Factors affecting citation rates of research articles
Natsuo Onodera | Fuyuki Yoshikane

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A patento-scientometric approach to venture capital investment prioritization
Gustavo da Silva Motta | Pauli Adriano de Almada Garcia | Rogério Hermida Quintella

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A study of research collaboration in the pre-web and post-web stages: A coauthorship analysis of the information systems discipline
Mu-Hsuan Huang | Ling-Ling Wu | Yi-Chen Wu

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A complete assessment of tagging quality: A consolidated methodology
Yunseon Choi

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Harnessing collective IT resources for sustainability: Insights from the green leadership strategy of China mobile
Barney Tan | Shan Ling Pan | Meiyun Zuo

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How are people enticed to disclose personal information despite privacy concerns in social network sites? The calculus between benefit and cost
Jinyoung Min | Byoungsoo Kim

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Correlations between user voting data, budget, and box office for films in the internet movie database
Max Wasserman | Satyam Mukherjee | Konner Scott | Xiao Han T. Zeng | Filippo Radicchi | Luís A. Nunes Amaral

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Conflicts in the Knowledge Society: The Contentious Politics of Intellectual Property - By Sebastian Haunss
Eden Medina