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2015 Volume 66 Issue 5

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The writing on the wall
Blaise Cronin

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ResearchGate: Disseminating, communicating, and measuring Scholarship?
Mike Thelwall | Kayvan Kousha

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User participation in an academic social networking service: A survey of open group users on Mendeley
Wei Jeng | Daqing He | Jiepu Jiang

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Truth and deception at the rhetorical structure level
Victoria L. Rubin | Tatiana Lukoianova

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Privacy as a fuzzy concept: A new conceptualization of privacy for practitioners
Asimina Vasalou | Adam N. Joinson | David J. Houghton

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Mining browsing behaviors for objectionable content filtering
Lung-Hao Lee | Yen-Cheng Juan | Wei-Lin Tseng | Hsin-Hsi Chen | Yuen-Hsien Tseng

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Tracking middle school students' information behavior via Kuhlthau's ISP Model: Temporality
Jamshid Beheshti | Charles Cole | Dhary Abuhimed | Isabelle Lamoureux

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Query-biased summary generation assisted by query expansion
Lorena Leal Bando | Falk Scholer | Andrew Turpin

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Predicting users' domain knowledge in information retrieval using multiple regression analysis of search behaviors
Xiangmin Zhang | Jingjing Liu | Michael J. Cole | Nicholas J. Belkin

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Journal maps, interactive overlays, and the measurement of interdisciplinarity on the basis of Scopus data (1996-2012)
Loet Leydesdorff | Félix de Moya Anegón | Vicente P. Guerrero-Bote

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The roles of sharing, transfer, and public funding in nanotechnology knowledge-diffusion networks
Shan Jiang | Qiang Gao | Hsinchun Chen | Mihail C. Roco

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Analyzing the interaction patterns in a faceted search interface
Xi Niu | Bradley M. Hemminger

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Use of politeness strategies in signed open peer review
Syavash Nobarany | Kellogg S. Booth

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Constructing an inter-post similarity measure to differentiate the psychological stages in offensive chats
Md. Waliur Rahman Miah | John Yearwood | Siddhivinayak Kulkarni

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Bibliometric evolution: Is the journal of the association for information science and technology transforming into a specialty Journal?
Jeppe Nicolaisen | Tove Faber Frandsen

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"Raw Data" Is an Oxymoron - Edited by Lisa Gitelman
Julian Warner

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Paper Knowledge: Toward a Media History of Documents - Edited by Lisa Gitelman
Michael K. Buckland