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2015 Volume 66 Issue 6

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Visual information seeking
Dan E. Albertson

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Cross-language person-entity linking from 20 languages
Dawn J. Lawrie | James Mayfield | Paul McNamee | Douglas W. Oard

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Are scholarly articles disproportionately read in their own country? An analysis of mendeley readers
Mike Thelwall | Nabeil Maflahi

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How is research blogged? A content analysis approach
Hadas Shema | Judit Bar-Ilan | Mike Thelwall

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Interactions between English-speaking and Chinese-speaking users and librarians on social networking sites
Hong Huang | Samuel Kai-Wah Chu | Dora Yu-Ting Chen

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A new approach to measure the scientific strengths of territories
Giovanni Abramo | Ciriaco Andrea D'Angelo | Flavia Di Costa

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Testing the strength of the normative approach in citation theory through relational bibliometrics: The case of italian sociology
Emanuela Riviera

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Assessment of journal similarity based on citing discipline analysis
Feifei Wang | Dietmar Wolfram

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A study of the role of visual information in supporting ideation in graphic design
Simon Laing | Masood Masoodian

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Explicit search result diversification using score and rank aggregation methods
Ahmet Murat Ozdemiray | Ismail Sengor Altingovde

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Measuring triple-helix synergy in the Russian innovation systems at regional, provincial, and national levels
Loet Leydesdorff | Evgeniy Perevodchikov | Alexander Uvarov

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Information practices of urban newcomers: An analysis of habits and wandering
Jessa Lingel

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Adverse selection of reviewers
Jose A. García | Rosa Rodríguez-Sánchez | Joaquín Fernández-Valdivia

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Understanding engagement with the privacy domain through design research
Asimina Vasalou | Anne-Marie Oostveen | Chris P. Bowers | Russell Beale

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From cyberbullying to well-being: A narrative-based participatory approach to values-oriented design for social media
Leanne Bowler | Cory P. Knobel | Eleanor Mattern

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On searching misspelled collections
Jason J. Soo | Ophir Frieder

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The phrase "information storage and retrieval" (IS&R): An historical note
Birger Hjørland

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Digital Labor: The Internet as Playground and Factory - Edited by Trebor Scholz
Gregory J. Downey