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2015 Volume 66 Issue 7

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Human rights as a topic and guide for LIS research and practice
Kay Mathiesen

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Team size matters: Collaboration and scientific impact since 1900
Vincent Larivière | Yves Gingras | Cassidy R. Sugimoto | Andrew Tsou

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Can we rank scholarly book publishers? A bibliometric experiment with the field of history
Alesia A. Zuccala | Raf Guns | Roberto Cornacchia | Rens Bod

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Thesaurus and ontology structure: Formal and pragmatic differences and similarities
Daniel Kless | Simon K. Milton | Edmund Kazmierczak | Jutta Lindenthal

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Are relations in thesauri "context-free, definitional, and true in all possible worlds"?
Birger Hjørland

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Argue, observe, assess: Measuring disciplinary identities and differences through socio-epistemic discourse
Bradford Demarest | Cassidy R. Sugimoto

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Domain-independent search expertise: A description of procedural knowledge gained during guided instruction
Catherine L. Smith

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Who publishes in "predatory" journals?
Jingfeng Xia | Jennifer L. Harmon | Kevin G. Connolly | Ryan M. Donnelly | Mary R. Anderson | Heather A. Howard

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"They are always there for me": The convergence of social support and information in an online breast cancer community
Ellen L. Rubenstein

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Clusterization and mapping of waste recycling science. Evolution of research from 2002 to 2012
Gaizka Garechana | Rosa María Río-Belver | Ernesto Cilleruelo | Jaso Larruscain Sarasola

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Hyperlinks embedded in twitter as a proxy for total external in-links to international university websites
Enrique Orduña-Malea | Daniel Torres-Salinas | Emilio Delgado López-Cózar

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Investigating serendipity: How it unfolds and what may influence it
Lori McCay-Peet | Elaine G. Toms

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Perceptions of justice or injustice as determinants of contributor defections from online communities
Ling Jiang | Christian Wagner

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Effects of ego involvement and social norms on individuals' uploading intention on Wikipedia: A comparative study between the United States and South Korea
Namkee Park | Hyun Sook Oh | Naewon Kang

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BRICS countries and scientific excellence: A bibliometric analysis of most frequently cited papers
Lutz Bornmann | Caroline S. Wagner | Loet Leydesdorff

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Crowd science: It is not just a matter of time (or funding)
Eleftheria Vasileiadou

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Egghe's g-index is not a proper concentration measure
Ronald Rousseau

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Adaptive Interaction: A Utility Maximization Approach to Understanding Human Interaction with Technology - By Stephen J. Payne and Andrew Howes
Yvonne Rogers