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2015 Volume 66 Issue 8

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Big data, bigger dilemmas: A critical review
Hamid R. Ekbia | Michael Mattioli | Inna Kouper | G. Arave | Ali Ghazinejad | Timothy D. Bowman | Venkata Ratandeep Suri | Andrew Tsou | Scott B. Weingart | Cassidy R. Sugimoto

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How everyday language can and will boost effective information retrieval
Eduard Hoenkamp | Peter Bruza

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Classical databases and knowledge organization: A case for boolean retrieval and human decision-making during searches
Birger Hjørland

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Understanding "influence: " an exploratory study of academics' processes of knowledge construction through iterative and interactive information seeking
Sheila Pontis | Ann Blandford

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Contextualizing the information-seeking behavior of software engineers
Luanne Freund

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Patient portal preferences: Perspectives on imaging information
Mary McNamara | Corey W. Arnold | Karthik Sarma | Denise R. Aberle | Edward B. Garon | Alex A. T. Bui

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Modeling and analyzing the topicality of art images
Xiaoli Huang | Dagobert Soergel | Judith L. Klavans

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Text clustering: An application with the State of the Union addresses
Jacques Savoy

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Overcoming bias to learn about controversial topics
V. G. Vinod Vydiswaran | ChengXiang Zhai | Dan Roth | Peter Pirolli

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Effects of anchoring process under preference stabilities for interactive movie recommendations
I-Chin Wu | Yun-Fang Niu

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The design and formative evaluation of nonspeech auditory feedback for an information system
Rafa Absar | Catherine Guastavino

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Does research output cause economic growth or vice versa? Evidence from 34 OECD countries
Hamilton Ntuli | Roula Inglesi-Lotz | Tsangyao Chang | Anastassios Pouris

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Influence diffusion detection using the influence style (INFUSE) model
Luke Kien-Weng Tan | Jin-Cheon Na | Ying Ding

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Multisensory, pervasive, immersive: Towards a new generation of documents
Lyn Robinson

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Complex tasks and simple solutions: The use of heuristics in the evaluation of research
Lutz Bornmann

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Measures for bibliometric size, impact, and concentration
Gangan Prathap

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Personal Archiving: Preserving Our Digital Heritage - Edited by Donald Hawkins
Amber L. Cushing

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Records Management and Information Culture: Tackling the People Problem - By Gillian Oliver and Fiorella Foscarini
Richard J. Cox