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2015 Volume 66 Issue 9

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Data journals: A survey
Leonardo Candela | Donatella Castelli | Paolo Manghi | Alice Tani

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Evaluating the retrieval effectiveness of web search engines using a representative query sample
Dirk Lewandowski

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An automatic approach to weighted subject indexing - an empirical study in the biomedical domain
Kun Lu | Jin Mao

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The impact of image descriptions on user tagging behavior: A study of the nature and functionality of crowdsourced tags
Yi-Ling Lin | Christoph Trattner | Peter Brusilovsky | Daqing He

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On the usefulness of lexical and syntactic processing in polarity classification of Twitter messages
David Vilares | Miguel A. Alonso | Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

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Developing a bottom-up, user-based method of web register classification
Jesse Egbert | Douglas Biber | Mark Davies

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Who reads research articles? An altmetrics analysis of Mendeley user categories
Ehsan Mohammadi | Mike Thelwall | Stefanie Haustein | Vincent Larivière

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Why does attention to web articles fall with Time?
Mikhail V. Simkin | Vwani P. Roychowdhury

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The value and complexity of collection arrangement for evidentiary work
Ciaran B. Trace | Luis Francisco-Revilla

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Facebook apps and tagging: The trade-off between personal privacy and engaging with friends
Pamela J. Wisniewski | Heng Xu | Heather Richter Lipford | Emmanuel Bello-Ogunu

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Capturing Collabportunities: A method to evaluate collaboration opportunities in information search using pseudocollaboration
Roberto I. González-Ibáñez | Chirag Shah | Ryen W. White

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Joint model for subsentence-level sentiment analysis with Markov logic
Ziyan Chen | Yu Huang | Jing Tian | Xiaoyan Liu | Kun Fu | Tinglei Huang

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Is there a clubbing effect underlying Chinese research citation Increases?
Li Tang | Philip Shapira | Jan L. Youtie

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Technology adoption decisions in the household: A seven-model comparison
Susan A. Brown | Viswanath Venkatesh | Hartmut Hoehle

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What is behind the curtain of the Leiden Ranking?
Rüdiger Mutz | Hans-Dieter Daniel

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To intervene or not to intervene; is that the question? On the role of scientometrics in research evaluation
Sarah de Rijcke | Alexander D. Rushforth

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Speaking Code: Coding as Aesthetic and Political Expression - By Geoff Cox and Alex McLean
Mark C. Marino

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The Discipline of Organizing - Edited by Robert J. Glushko
Elaine Svenonius