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2015 Volume 6 Issue 1

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When Location Meets Social Multimedia: A Survey on Vision-Based Recognition and Mining for Geo-Social Multimedia Analytics
Rongrong Ji | Yue Gao | Wei Liu | Xing Xie | Qi Tian | Xuelong Li

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A Fast Parallel Stochastic Gradient Method for Matrix Factorization in Shared Memory Systems
Wei-Sheng Chin | Yong Zhuang | Yu-Chin Juan | Chih-Jen Lin

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Transfer Learning across Feature-Rich Heterogeneous Feature Spaces via Feature-Space Remapping (FSR)
Kyle D. Feuz | Diane J. Cook

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On Discovery of Spatiotemporal Influence-Based Moving Clusters
Dhaval Patel

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Identifying Controversial Wikipedia Articles Using Editor Collaboration Networks
Hoda Sepehri Rad | Denilson Barbosa

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Resources Sequencing Using Automatic Prerequisite-Outcome Annotation
Sahar Changuel | Nicolas Labroche | Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier

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Modeling the Thermal Dynamics of Buildings: A Latent-Force- Model-Based Approach
Siddhartha Ghosh | Steven Reece | Alex Rogers | Stephen J. Roberts | Areej Malibari | Nicholas R. Jennings

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A Sparse Projection and Low-Rank Recovery Framework for Handwriting Representation and Salient Stroke Feature Extraction
Zhao Zhang | Cheng-Lin Liu | Ming-Bo Zhao

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Combining Sketching and Traditional Diagram Editing Tools
Gem Stapleton | Beryl Plimmer | Aidan J. Delaney | Peter J. Rodgers