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2015 Volume 6 Issue 4

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Extracting City Traffic Events from Social Streams
Pramod Anantharam | Payam M. Barnaghi | Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan | Amit P. Sheth

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Automated Generation of Counterterrorism Policies Using Multiexpert Input
Anshul Sawant | John P. Dickerson | Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi | V. S. Subrahmanian

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Online Planning for Large Markov Decision Processes with Hierarchical Decomposition
Aijun Bai | Feng Wu | Xiaoping Chen

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Soter: Smart Bracelets for Children's Safety
Yanfang Ye | Tao Li | Haiyin Shen

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Peacock: Learning Long-Tail Topic Features for Industrial Applications
Yi Wang | Xuemin Zhao | Zhenlong Sun | Hao Yan | Lifeng Wang | Zhihui Jin | Liubin Wang | Yang Gao | Ching Law | Jia Zeng

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Automated Pricing in a Multiagent Prediction Market Using a Partially Observable Stochastic Game
Janyl Jumadinova | Prithviraj Dasgupta

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Effective Social Graph Deanonymization Based on Graph Structure and Descriptive Information
Hao Fu | Aston Zhang | Xing Xie

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Hazy Image Restoration by Bi-Histogram Modification
Bo-Hao Chen | Shih-Chia Huang | Jian-Hui Ye

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Introduction to the ACM TIST Special Issue on Intelligent Healthcare Informatics
Carlo Combi | Jiming Liu

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Analyzing Activity Recognition Uncertainties in Smart Home Environments
Eunju Kim | Sumi Helal | Chris D. Nugent | Mark Beattie

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Design of a Predictive Scheduling System to Improve Assisted Living Services for Elders
Valeria Soto-Mendoza | J. Antonio García-Macías | Edgar Chávez | Ana I. Martínez-Garcia | Jesús Favela | Patricia Serrano-Alvarado | Maythé R. Zúñiga Rojas

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Empowering Patients and Caregivers to Manage Healthcare Via Streamlined Presentation of Web Objects Selected by Modeling Learning Benefits Obtained by Similar Peers
John Champaign | Robin Cohen | Disney Yan Lam

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Using Health-Consumer-Contributed Data to Detect Adverse Drug Reactions by Association Mining with Temporal Analysis
Haodong Yang | Christopher C. Yang

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Estimating a Ranked List of Human Genetic Diseases by Associating Phenotype-Gene with Gene-Disease Bipartite Graphs
Md Zia Ullah | Masaki Aono | Md. Hanif Seddiqui

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MeTA: Characterization of Medical Treatments at Different Abstraction Levels
Dario Antonelli | Elena Baralis | Giulia Bruno | Luca Cagliero | Tania Cerquitelli | Silvia Chiusano | Paolo Garza | Naeem Ahmed Mahoto

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Smart Colonography for Distributed Medical Databases with Group Kernel Feature Analysis
Yuichi Motai | Dingkun Ma | Alen Docef | Hiroyuki Yoshida

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Recognition of Patient-Related Named Entities in Noisy Tele-Health Texts
Mi-Young Kim | Ying Xu | Osmar R. Zaïane | Randy Goebel