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2015 Volume 7 Issue 1

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Learning to Rank from Noisy Data
Wenkui Ding | Xiubo Geng | Xudong Zhang

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Local Structure-Based Sparse Representation for Face Recognition
Fan Liu | Jinhui Tang | Yan Song | Liyan Zhang | Zhenmin Tang

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On Optimizing Airline Ticket Purchase Timing
William Groves | Maria L. Gini

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Nonnegative Multiresolution Representation-Based Texture Image Classification
Yongsheng Dong | Dacheng Tao | Xuelong Li

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Multi-Keyword Multi-Click Advertisement Option Contracts for Sponsored Search
Bowei Chen | Jun Wang | Ingemar J. Cox | Mohan S. Kankanhalli

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Analysis of the Impact of a Tag Recommendation System in a Real-World Folksonomy
Frederic Font | Joan Serrà | Xavier Serra

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A Hybrid Background Subtraction Method with Background and Foreground Candidates Detection
Fan-Chieh Cheng | Bo-Hao Chen | Shih-Chia Huang

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On Learning Prediction Models for Tourists Paths
Cristina Ioana Muntean | Franco Maria Nardini | Fabrizio Silvestri | Ranieri Baraglia

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Where2Stand: A Human Position Recommendation System for Souvenir Photography
Yinting Wang | Mingli Song | Dacheng Tao | Yong Rui | Jiajun Bu | Ah Chung Tsoi | Shaojie Zhuo | Ping Tan

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Metastrategies in Large-Scale Bargaining Settings
Daniel Hennes | Steven de Jong | Karl Tuyls | Ya'akov (Kobi) Gal

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Spatiotemporal Sequential Influence Modeling for Location Recommendations: A Gravity-based Approach
Jia-Dong Zhang | Chi-Yin Chow

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On-Device Mobile Landmark Recognition Using Binarized Descriptor with Multifeature Fusion
Tao Guan | Yuesong Wang | Liya Duan | Rongrong Ji