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2015 Volume 33 Issue 2

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A Comparative Analysis of Interleaving Methods for Aggregated Search
Aleksandr Chuklin | Anne Schuth | Ke Zhou | Maarten de Rijke

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Web Query Reformulation via Joint Modeling of Latent Topic Dependency and Term Context
Lidong Bing | Wai Lam | Tak-Lam Wong | Shoaib Jameel

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TASC: A Transformation-Aware Soft Cascading Approach for Multimodal Video Copy Detection
Yonghong Tian | Mengren Qian | Tiejun Huang

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Two-Stage Document Length Normalization for Information Retrieval
Seung-Hoon Na

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Unsupervised Visual and Textual Information Fusion in CBMIR Using Graph-Based Methods
Julien Ah-Pine | Gabriela Csurka | Stéphane Clinchant