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2015 Volume 33 Issue 4

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Understanding and Supporting Cross-Device Web Search for Exploratory Tasks with Mobile Touch Interactions
Shuguang Han | Zhen Yue | Daqing He

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Selective Search: Efficient and Effective Search of Large Textual Collections
Anagha Kulkarni | Jamie Callan

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Belief Dynamics and Biases in Web Search
Ryen W. White | Eric Horvitz

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Fast-Forward Index Methods for Pseudo-Relevance Feedback Retrieval
Edward Kai Fung Dang | Robert Wing Pong Luk | James Allan

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The Query Change Model: Modeling Session Search as a Markov Decision Process
Hui Yang | Dongyi Guan | Sicong Zhang

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A Pólya Urn Document Language Model for Improved Information Retrieval
Ronan Cummins | Jiaul H. Paik | Yuanhua Lv