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2015 Volume 9 Issue 3

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A UI-Centric Approach for the End-User Development of Multidevice Mashups
Cinzia Cappiello | Maristella Matera | Matteo Picozzi

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Sampling Content from Online Social Networks: Comparing Random vs. Expert Sampling of the Twitter Stream
Muhammad Bilal Zafar | Parantapa Bhattacharya | Niloy Ganguly | Krishna P. Gummadi | Saptarshi Ghosh

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Should We Use the Sample? Analyzing Datasets Sampled from Twitter's Stream API
Yazhe Wang | Jamie Callan | Baihua Zheng

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Reliable and Resilient Trust Management in Distributed Service Provision Networks
Zhiyuan Su | Ling Liu | Mingchu Li | Xinxin Fan | Yang Zhou

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A Supervised Learning Approach to Protect Client Authentication on the Web
Stefano Calzavara | Gabriele Tolomei | Andrea Casini | Michele Bugliesi | Salvatore Orlando

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Detection of Political Manipulation in Online Communities through Measures of Effort and Collaboration
Sihyung Lee