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2015 Volume 18 Issue 1

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Trusting the Social Web: issues and challenges
Surya Nepal | Cécile Paris | Athman Bouguettaya

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Neighborhood randomization for link privacy in social network analysis
Amin Milani Fard | Ke Wang

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Automatic evaluation of information provider reliability and expertise
Konstantinos Pelechrinis | Vladimir Zadorozhny | Velin Kounev | Vladimir A. Oleshchuk | Mohd Anwar | Yiling Lin

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Robust evaluation of products and reviewers in social rating systems
Mohammad Allahbakhsh | Aleksandar Ignjatovic | Hamid Reza Motahari-Nezhad | Boualem Benatallah

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A personalized credibility model for recommending messages in social participatory media environments
Aaditeshwar Seth | Jie Zhang | Robin Cohen

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Trust-aware media recommendation in heterogeneous social networks
Jian Wu | Liang Chen | Qi Yu | Panpan Han | Zhaohui Wu

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Social context-aware trust inference for trust enhancement in social network based recommendations on service providers
Yan Wang | Lei Li | Guanfeng Liu